The quiet strength of ‘Everyday Heroes’


OMNI Health Care staff stand out for their positive outlook, kindness and work ethic

The people who’ve been named “Everyday Heroes” by their OMNI Health Care colleagues all bring a quiet strength to their work every day. The OMNIway recently shared the stories of four of these “Everyday Heroes.” All them stand out for their positive outlook, kindness and care and their exemplary work ethic and attention to detail.

Positive Outlook

Valerie Foster, an environmental services staff member at Streamway Villa, received the Cobourg long-term care home’s 2016 Everyday Hero Award at a June 9 ceremony.

Those who nominated Foster mentioned the positive outlook she brings to work every day as one of the qualities they appreciate.

At West Lake Terrace in Picton, personal support worker (PSW) Amber Andrus’ bubbly spirit contributes to making her an “Everyday Hero” to residents and staff.

“With the bubbly positive attitude that (Amber) brings to her interactions with co-workers and residents alike she continues to enhance the lives of those around her,” members of the West Lake Terrace team stated in their nomination form for the award.

PSW Cindy Davis is Maplewood’s 2016 recipient of the Everyday Hero award.

Her colleagues describe her as someone who brings “light and happiness to our home.”

Work Ethic and Attention to Detail

Besides her positive outlook, Davis is appreciated as someone who pays attention to the details.

“Cindy really goes out of her way to make the residents feel important — whether it’s taking the little extra time to curl the ladies’ hair after their bath, bringing pajamas for those who need them, or just bringing in chocolate bars for those residents who just need their chocolate fix,” her colleagues wrote in their nomination letter for Davis.

An exemplary work ethic and caring attention to detail are also mentioned as traits appreciated about the other recipients of this year’s Everyday Hero award.

For 30 years, Sherry MacDonald has been a hard worker who cares for the residents of Village Green long-term care home where she is employed.

This year, Village Green administrator Linda Pierce nominated to celebrate MacDonald as an “Everyday Hero.”

Pierce highlights MacDonald’s diligence day in and day out at the home as one of the qualities of her “heroism.”

“Sherry has worked in every department in the home, has a wealth of knowledge and tries hard,” Pierce says.

“She will do what is asked of her and help when situations occur that requires extra attention and hands, for example, in outbreak management, emergency situations, staffing challenges, helping other departments.”

Kindness and Care

Like all of the Everyday Heroes, MacDonald also brings a spirit of compassion and care.

“Sherry has a willingness to do the greater good and has a very kind heart,” Pierce says.

Foster of Streamway Villa is also appreciated for her kind and caring approach to residents.

“She (provides) quality care and spends time with the residents, promoting fun, laughter and love,” her colleagues state. “She truly epitomizes OMNI’s values, and all staff can learn from her professionalism (and) her ability to care for the frailest of residents, even in a non-nursing role.”

The Everyday Hero initiative began 11 years ago to recognize OMNI Health Care employees who demonstrate a strong work ethic and dedication to residents on an everyday basis. Staff members at each OMNI home nominate colleagues for the award.

OMNI announced the 2016 recipients of the Everyday Hero award at the managers’ forum in Kingston in May. Managers from OMNI’s 18 long-term care homes were presented with the names of the award winners. Homes are presenting the awards during their own ceremonies.

The OMNIway is featuring the recipients of the Everyday Hero award in news articles throughout the summer.

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