Teamwork shines brightly at OMNI homes

Vigorous collaboration among staff members has maintained high-quality resident care throughout challenging times

Strong teamwork – it’s a theme we’ve seen highlighted in OMNIway stories in the first quarter of 2022, and vigorous collaboration among staff members is a cornerstone of ensuring quality care is delivered to the residents of OMNI Health Care long-term care homes.

At Garden Terrace in Kanata, Ont., life enrichment co-ordinator (LEC) Rachael King said team members working in her department stepped up and helped their colleagues wherever they could during an outbreak at the start of the year.

She notes that several life enrichment team members who have their personal support worker (PSW) certification stepped in to help PSWs when they were short-staffed to provide resident care as well as to assist residents with feeding at mealtimes and other duties during the outbreak, which ended in early February.

All the while, they continued to provide meaningful one-to-one time with residents to ensure they received the important social and activity time they needed.

“Everyone has banded together and taken on different roles; they have worked together as a team to make it happen because, at the end of the day, they know that they are here for the residents,” Rachael said.

At nearby Forest Hill, LEC Craig Forrest applauded life enrichment staff for helping the home’s environmental services team strengthen infection prevention protocols.

Throughout the pandemic, sanitizing high-touch areas, such as handrails, light switches, telephones and door handles, has been highly increased, he noted.

On top of the extra attention the environmental services team members are paying to disinfecting these areas, the life enrichment team has pitched in to bolster these infection control measures, Craig said.

“The (environmental services) staff is doing their job, but they have such a heavy workload and with (life enrichment staff) helping them when they can, it makes a difference,” he said.

“Wherever they’re needed, they will go to help out.”

Strong teamwork has also been ensuring seamless meal service at Country Terrace, as the Komoka, Ont. long-term care home goes through a redevelopment project to add 50,518 square feet and eight beds to the home.

Alex Achillini, the Country Terrace nutritional care manager (NCM), said his team’s goal is to work within the challenges that arise to ensure the high-quality food service residents expect is not impacted by the renovations.

“We want to make sure the food service is in a timely manner and that the food is (served) at the right temperature – and there are a lot of factors that have to be looked after,” he said.

Alex also commends the nutritional care team as well as all departments at Country Terrace for adapting well to changing circumstances and for keeping the quality of life high for residents throughout the changes.

“They have been very good – the whole home has been good – at adapting to the changes,” he said.