Teams aim to ‘get on same page’ in supporting residents’ responsive behaviours

Rosebridge Manor

Rosebridge Manor

Rosebridge Manor staff, external support teams take steps to enhance communication, co-ordinate support of residents

With several different teams supporting Rosebridge Manor residents who demonstrate responsive behaviours, a need to boost the communication and co-ordination of the various teams’ efforts has become apparent.

At least four different teams work with residents who demonstrate responsive behaviours. Within the Jasper, Ont. long-term care home, the supportive measures team benefits from the support of a psycho-geriatric outreach team through the Royal Ottawa Mental Health Centre.

In addition, the South East Local Health Integration Network (LHIN) funds a mobile response team to visit the home. A quality improvement facilitator is also available through Providence Care Hospital.

Administrator Tracy Foster says the long-term care home has gained a reputation for having a significant number of residents who demonstrate responsive behaviours, which staff does an excellent job of addressing.

“Rosebridge has been doing well with our quality indicator stats for responsive behaviours,” Foster says.
The new opportunity is to get both the internal and external teams more on the same page when it comes to supporting residents.

“With the separate disciplines coming in to help improve the quality of life of residents who are experiencing responsive behaviours, we felt that we could do a better job with networking and communicating (between those disciplines),” Foster says.

“We’re really just trying to get everybody together to make sure that … we’re all responding to a need in the same way, with the same care plan,” she adds. “Not to mention that it’s imperative that we get information out to front-line staff, to make sure they’re responding to those needs in the same way.”

Since beginning to focus on enhanced communication and co-ordination last year, the various teams have met as one group a couple of times outside the home to strategize. Earlier this week, they held their first meeting within the home.

“We’re striving to improve the quality of the whole program by better communication, meaning we’re setting specific dates where we all meet and we all gather information about the residents we’re looking at together, instead of everything just happening through phone calls and visits,” life enrichment co-ordinator Kathy Barr says.

“With those groups that all work together for our residents, we’re just trying really hard to make it a really tightknit group.”
A key next step is educating front-line staff on how the mobile response team is intended to work within the home and with staff.

“It’s been identified that the mobile response team will work on an educational component to provide to the staff, so that’s going to enhance the collaborative care that will occur between the mobile response team staff and Rosebridge Manor as well,” Foster says.

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