Team members help Maplewood resident celebrate 100th birthday

Winifred Bailey caps off her party by leading everyone in the Loco-Motion

When Maplewood resident Winifred Bailey turned 100 last week, team members organized a party for her that included cake, music and lots of fun.

Celebrating new centenarians’ special day is always a major deal at OMNI Health Care seniors’ homes, and team members went all out to ensure that Winifred had a memorable day.

Residents and staff members gathered in Maplewood’s activity room for Winifred’s party.

In addition to the traditional birthday cake for Winifred, there was also music, singing and dancing during the afternoon of Aug. 15 to help her celebrate, says Rosanne Blackburn, a life enrichment aide at the Brighton, Ont. Long-term care home.

Team members supplied all the traditional birthday party favours, including balloons and hats, and Winifred proudly wore a “happy birthday” chapeau adorned with candles to celebrate her special day.

But Rosanne says the highlight of the afternoon came when Winifred led the charge doing the Loco-Motion dance when the 1962 hit song by Little Eva came through the speakers.

The dance involves participants forming a “train” by putting their hands on the shoulders of the person in front of them.

“We paraded down the hallways with Winifred in the lead,” Rosanne tells The OMNIway.

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