Talent show encourages Garden Terrace residents and staff to share their gifts

Residents and staff showcased their singing, dancing and artistic abilities at Aug. 10 talent show

During the August heatwave, the Garden Terrace life enrichment team was looking for a fun and safe way to engage residents with an indoor activity, and it was then life enrichment aide Alex Howell came up with the idea for a talent show.

On Aug. 10, the Kanata, Ont. long-term care home’s residents and team members participated in a safe, indoor activity that provided them with an opportunity to showcase their gifts for singing, dancing and acting – while staying indoors and keeping cool.

Some residents sang, while others danced or showed their artwork. One resident who sang did a number from an album that was never released, notes life enrichment co-ordinator Rachael King.

Garden Terrace staff members also had the opportunity to take to the stage and show their talents, with one staff member performing a comedy act, while another staff member did cartwheels. One staff member did magic tricks for everyone.

Asked what residents enjoyed most about the event, Rachael says it was the singing.

“Their singing for sure, (because) they were able to bring out a part of themselves from something they enjoyed doing years ago,” she tells The OMNIway.

“The staff really enjoyed the songs the residents sang.”

Due to restrictions in place to keep everyone safe during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, activities in long-term care homes have been limited to small groups, and team members have been thinking outside the box to develop programs to meet residents’ needs.

Rachael commends Alex for coming up with the idea for the talent show.

“He was looking for an idea to get residents involved in something fun and he thought of a talent show, which was awesome,” she says.

“It was nice that they all got to have a good laugh together as a small group.”

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