Volunteer reflects on the positive outcome of her first meeting with Garden Terrace residents

Makeup artist Roxane Vezina hosted a spa day to help residents look and feel their best

Roxane Vezina has a talent for making people look and feel their best, and it’s a gift she wanted to bring to others.

So, in March, the professional makeup artist completed her first volunteer shift at Garden Terrace, where she helped residents choose and apply makeup to help them feel like they were getting ready for a night out on the town.

Roxane explains how she became a volunteer at the Ottawa-area long-term care home.

“I was looking for volunteering opportunities, but especially doing makeup and helping people feel better about themselves,” she tells The OMNIway.

“I found there were no opportunities in Ottawa to do that. So I contacted (Garden Terrace) and asked about providing services to them in a volunteering capacity.”

On her first volunteering day in March, shortly after pandemic restrictions relaxed, Roxane organized a spa day for residents. She provided a large makeup kit for residents to choose the colours and shades of makeup they wanted for their eyes, cheeks and lips.

She also provided skincare services and did residents’ nails.

Roxane says what made her most happy about her first volunteering shift was that she was able to provide residents with a service they had not had in a long time due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I was able to give (the residents) a bit of a transformation and helped make them feel more beautiful, more feminine and offered them something they perhaps haven’t had in a very long time,” she says.

Roxane also says she saw the difference her work made.

“The residents were very grateful for the opportunity, and I thought that was so sweet,” she says. “I think the best part of this process for the residents was really just to feel their best.”

After their makeup and nails were done, the residents were reflecting on their fond memories of getting dressed up to go out for the evening, and this had a positive impact on Roxane, she says.

“That made me feel great because they talked about what they were doing and what they would have done when they were all dolled up,” she says.

April 24-30 was National Volunteer Week. The week is marked by events nationwide that celebrate volunteers and all they do to enrich the lives of others. This year marks the 81st National Volunteer Week.

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Rosebridge Manor aims to boost its volunteer roster

People needed to provide one-to-one-support, help with outings

As provincial government restrictions related to the COVID-19 pandemic ease, many OMNI Health Care homes are welcoming family members and visitors once again.

Rosebridge Manor in Jasper is experiencing this return of entertainers and loved ones, much to the joy of its residents.

But as life enrichment co-ordinator (LEC) Kathy Barr looks ahead towards planning upcoming programs and activities, she’s coming up a bit short in terms of volunteers.

While Rosebridge Manor has typically had a healthy roster of volunteers, the number of people available to lend a helping hand has dwindled during the past two years amidst the pandemic.

Some volunteers are aging and are not up to coming into the home anymore, others are nervous about the coronavirus, and some have moved on with their lives in other areas.

“That’s going to be a work in progress – getting volunteers back in the home,” Kathy says.

“We need to work on building that back up because so many things have happened over the last two years — more than two years — that have impacted our volunteer program. We have to almost start from scratch again with the exception of one or two volunteers.”

While Kathy expects students to reach out to the home to complete their volunteer hours, she’s also looking for additional volunteers to spend time with residents.

People can help in many ways, Kathy says. They can assist with outings and activities and programs. Of particular need at the moment, are volunteers who can spend one-on-one time with individual residents, the LEC says.

Having conversations, sharing a short story, enjoying music, or playing a card game are just a few examples of one-to-one activities.

“That’s the first priority.”

As spring here, residents are also looking to enjoy the outdoors so that will be happening more often when warmer weather arrives.

Volunteers can play a role there too by accompanying residents on a stroll around the property or taking part in gardening. The summer also holds opportunities for volunteers to assist with barbecues and other outdoor events.

For more information about volunteering, call Kathy at 613-283-5471 and/or keep an eye on an upcoming edition of the home’s newsletter.

If you have a story you would like to share with The OMNIway, please contact the newsroom at deron(at)

If you have feedback on this story, please contact the newsroom at deron(at)

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Therapy dog Vezna is putting smiles on faces, one resident at a time

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Brighton home hosts appreciation event

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