‘Surprise drops’ have been much appreciated by Burnbrae Gardens team

Pictured above, Antonia’s Bistro in Campbellford recently delivered complimentary pizzas to show support for Burnbrae Gardens staff members.

From sending meals to sending kind messages, Campbellford LTC home is grateful for the community’s support during global pandemic

Since the global COVID-19 pandemic was declared in March, Burnbrae Gardens has been on the receiving end of a wave of community support – and those working at the Campbellford long-term care home are grateful.

April Faux, Burnbrae Gardens’ administrator and life enrichment co-ordinator, says staff members have had many “surprise drops” from local businesses and family members that have helped keep morale high during this challenging time.

Campbellford culinary institutions like Antonia’s Bistro and the World’s Finest Chocolate Co. are among the local businesses whose random acts of kindness have been well-received, April says.

Antonia’s has delivered complimentary pizza to Burnbrae Gardens, while World’s Finest Chocolate sent chocolates at Easter, she notes, adding the local fire department and agriculture centre have organized parades around Burnbrae Gardens to show support.

Families have been placing painted rocks with supportive messages printed on them outside the front doors to thank Burnbrae team members for their efforts.

Burnbrae Gardens, along with OMNI Health Care’s other 17 long-term care homes, is closed to everyone but essential visitors to protect residents and team members during the ongoing pandemic.

Staff members have been working extra hard to keep residents and their co-workers safe during this time, so the support from the local community and families has been uplifting. April says.

“It’s just nice to know that people are thinking of us, and staff really appreciates these things,” she tells The OMNIway.

“We are all working hard, and this makes a world of difference when the community is as supportive as they are.”

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