Supportive Measures key to preventing unwanted advances: administrator


Pleasant Meadow Manor would turn first to OMNI’s proven program

Wednesday, February 5, 2014 — Deron Hamel

Although Pleasant Meadow Manor has not had incidents of residents making unwanted sexual advances on other residents, administrator and director of care Sandra Tucker says staff members would look first to a tried and proven intervention — Supportive Measures — if they occurred.

A core OMNI Health Care program, Supportive Measures is aimed at developing an individualized approach to care. It also utilizes individual interventions to identify the causes of anxiety and agitation and enact processes to help residents feel calm and secure in their home.

Tucker says if an incident of unwanted sexual advances occurred at the Norwood long-term care home, a staff member would approach the resident making the advances and redirect them using tools from the Supportive Measures program.

For example, the staff member might approach the resident and start talking about a subject of interest to change their focus. Or a staff member might suggest the resident join them for a walk.

However, if a situation arose involving two consenting residents and there was no objection from the residents’ power of attorney (POA), Tucker says staff members would not interfere — after all, this is the residents’ home and they have the right to pursue relationships.

Tucker underscores that residents’ rights must remain top of mind.

“We work at the residents’ home; they don’t live at our work,” she says. “If there are two consenting adults wishing to have a relationship, who are we to interfere with that?”

If a POA objected to this — for example, if the incident involved a resident with a spouse living outside the home — staff members would accommodate the POA’s wishes.

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