Students get Frost Manor maintenance department ‘sorted’ out

St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Secondary School students Andrew Coons (left) and Nick Jeffrey (centre) sort through a box of nuts, bolts and other hardware at Frost Manor on June 13 as educational assistant Fred Hobbs looks on.

Nick Jeffrey and Andrew Coons have been organizing hardware, which is making maintenance department more efficient

A few weeks ago, the maintenance room at Frost Manor was overflowing with nuts, bolts, washers, nails and brackets, packed to the hilt in boxes and disorganized.

Then along came two students from St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Secondary School, Nick Jeffrey and Andrew Coons, who not only got to work uncluttering these odds and ends, Nick even came up with the idea to alphabetize the hardware so environmental services and maintenance manager Rick Riel could find what he needed quick.

Nick and Andrew, who are both in Grade 12, started coming to Frost Manor in May as part of a placement program. They will be at the home until the end of June.

Rick says the work the students have done organizing the hardware has been a major help.

“Instead of spending 10 minutes hunting and searching for a part, I go in, see where, for example, the washers are, and can get one,” he tells The OMNIway.

“It’s a value-add for everyone; it’s a value-add for the students because they can come out to the home and gain some work experience, and it’s value-add for us because the work they do frees me up to help residents.”

Andrew and Nick say they’ve been enjoying their time at the Lindsay long-term care home.

“I like sorting the nuts and bolts,” Andrew says.

Nick adds: “I like sorting the parts, too, and I get to be here on Wednesdays,” he says, adding how there was a lot of organizing to do when he and Andrew first came to Frost Manor.

Educational assistant Teresa Naismith says Nick and Andrew are gaining valuable experience from their placement at Frost Manor, noting this could open the door for further opportunities for the students.

“I think this has been a good opportunity for Andrew and Nick to have this stepping stone, either to stay here or to find another opportunity in the community,” she says.

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