Student plans to use skills he’s learned during Frost Manor placement to land a summer job

Student Mack Dixon is pictured here working at Frost Manor. Mack is one of five students from St. Thomas Aquinas Secondary School doing a placement at the Lindsay long-term care home.

Mack Dixon says working with tools and learning how to change air filters are among the skills he can add to his resumé

LINDSAY, Ont. – Student Mack Dixon will be looking for a summer job after the school year finishes at the end of June, and thanks to his involvement in a partnership between St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Secondary School and Frost Manor, he has some new skills to add to his resumé.

Mack is one of five students from the school’s co-op and special education programs who are coming to Frost Manor Tuesdays and Thursdays to assist the Lindsay long-term care home’s environmental services and maintenance manager Rick Riel.

The students perform a variety of duties ranging from sorting nuts and bolts to prepping gardens to ensuring Frost Manor’s parking area is free of debris.

Mack notes that since starting his placement at Frost Manor he has learned new skills, such as changing air filters in the home and mastering tools.

Through the program, Mack says he’s continuously learning new skills and building confidence in his abilities, which will help him in the workforce.

He is also gaining a strong work ethic, he adds.

“I have also been learning how to work harder in order to achieve goals,” Mack tells The OMNIway.

Mack has been doing an excellent job at Frost Manor, and Rick says he is more than happy for Mack to use him as a reference on his resumé.

“He has come in here and he has done a great job; I’m very proud of Mack and all of the students here,” Rick says.

Frost Manor and St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Secondary School launched their partnership in 2018. The partnership provides students with valuable work experience and helps Rick spend time helping residents with things they need.

This is the second story in a three-part series about the partnership.

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