Strong community spirit is alive at Country Terrace, inside and outside the home

Country Terrace

‘There have been a lot of good things happening, and people have been really nice to us as staff’

While the ongoing global COVID-19 pandemic has been challenging for Country Terrace residents and staff members, Kimberley Noftle, the Komoka, Ont. long-term care home’s clinical care co-ordinator, says she’s also seen an outpour of strong support from within Country Terrace and from the surrounding community during this trying time.

Kimberley says family members have been coming to the home’s windows to wave hello to residents and support staff members. Residents are also keeping in touch with their loved ones through video conferencing platforms like Skype.

A local Tim Hortons outlet recently brought a truck by Country Terrace and offered free coffee to staff members. The family of a former resident has donated $1,000 to the home, some of which was spent on pizzas for staff members on all shifts to keep spirits high.

“There have been a lot of good things happening, and people have been really nice to us as staff,” Kimberley says.

Kimberley says the front-line staff members and managers are all working together on the floor. Managers have been helping at mealtimes, and many team members are working double shifts.

Some family members of Country Terrace staff, including Kimberley’s son, Elijah, recently started working at Country Terrace, as there has been a need for more help with keeping the home disinfected and other duties that are not directly related to resident care.

Another staff member’s son and daughter are performing non-direct care to support the front-line staff with tasks such as in-home deliveries and portering residents.

“This has been a great benefit to the staff,” Kimberley says.

Kimberley says Elijah’s experience working at Country Terrace has been particularly meaningful to her.

“He told me that everybody is so respectful here, and he said people have been so kind and the residents and staff have been thanking him for the work he’s been doing,” Kimberley says.

“And I said, ‘yes, that’s how we are as an organization.’ ”

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