Streamway’s resident Santa makes Christmas even more special

Even if he wore a protective face mask instead of a long white beard, Streamway Villa’s resident Santa Claus still made a positive impact on other residents at Christmas.

Dressed in a full Santa costume, resident Claire Conlin did a walkabout at the Cobourg, Ont. long-term care home Christmas Day, handing out gifts and visiting residents to help give the occasion that needed personal touch that only Kris Kringle can deliver.

During his visits to residents, Claire played up the part of Father Christmas well, asking everyone if they remembered what he brought them last year, says Streamway Villa life enrichment co-ordinator Laurie Kracht.

“And the residents would all say, ‘Oh yeah, I remember,’ and he’d say, ‘well, this is your present for this year,’ and hand them their gift,” Laurie tells The OMNIway.

Normally, presents are given to residents in the dining room on Christmas morning, but because of social distancing precautions in place due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it was safer for Claire to hand the presents out one by one in residents’ rooms, Laurie adds.

Laurie says the Streamway Villa team is grateful to Claire for playing the part of Santa and helping make Christmas extra special for residents.

“He played the part really well,” she says.

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