Streamway Villa’s centenarians treated to special ‘red hat’ event

Streamway Villa’s five centenarians enjoyed a “red hat” party last week at the Cobourg long-term care home. LEA Lynette Sandercock says she got the idea for the event after attending resident Vera Ruddick’s recent 100th birthday celebration.

LEA Lynette Sandercock was inspired to create the activity during one resident’s 100th birthday celebration

Streamway Villa life enrichment aide (LEA) Lynette Sandercock organized a special “red hat day” for the Cobourg long-term care home’s five centenarians last week. As part of the program, everyone got to wear a red or purple hat, and the ladies were treated to sweets and tea served using fine china.

The home’s five centenarians are Norma Weatherup, Vera Ruddick, Ollie McPhee, Verna Thaxter and Jean Holmes. Vera was celebrating her 100th birthday recently when the idea came to Lynette to host a function for the ladies in the 100 club.

During the program, Lynette engaged residents in conversations about their childhoods and other fond memories. This was both an opportunity to learn new things about the ladies as well as to give the residents a chance to reminisce.

“We sat around and talked about things like how long it would take them to walk to school and back, and how things have changed,” Lynette says.

Another “red hat day” is planned for this Friday at Streamway Villa, Lynette adds.

In 2017, Ruth Caldwell, a friend of Streamway Villa life enrichment co-ordinator Christina Doughty, donated red and purple hats to the home. Ruth had collected the hats over the years as a member of the Red Hat Society, an international social organization for women. Streamway Villa has since had regular “red hat” events for residents.

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