Streamway Villa residents share their new year’s resolutions

Streamway Villa residents rang in 2021 by sharing their new year’s resolutions on the Cobourg long-term care home’s Facebook page.

The idea to encourage residents to make new year’s resolutions came from Chelsea Tinney, one of Streamway Villa’s life enrichment aides.

Life enrichment co-ordinator Laurie Kracht says team members visited residents individually and asked them to share their new year’s resolutions.

Residents’ names, ages and new year’s resolutions were written on a whiteboard, and their photos were taken and put on the Streamway Villa Facebook page. 

Some of the new year’s resolutions include “travel more”, “eat more chocolate”, “go to the beach”, “to be very wealthy” and “eat more Cheezies and drink more beer”.

Residents also gave humorous responses when asked to supply their age, and there were a few who simply said “guess.”

The residents’ answers were off the cuff and unrehearsed, Laurie tells The OMNIway.

“We didn’t guide them in any way,” she says.

The Streamway Villa life enrichment team created the home’s Facebook page in 2020 as a way to engage with family members during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Team members regularly take photos of residents who have given consent and post them on the page to help keep families and friends updated on life at Streamway Villa.

Laurie credits Chelsea for coming up with ideas like this to share residents’ stories.

“Chelsea is really running with this,” she says.

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