Streamway Villa residents make new feathered friends

Two ducks meandered into the home’s garden to visit residents as they did spring yard work

A group of Streamway Villa residents recently discovered that doing yard work can be just “ducky.”

The OMNIway recently told you about residents and staff members working together to beautify the garden and courtyard outside the Cobourg, Ont. long-term care home.

While residents and staff were raking leaves and setting up tables and chairs, two ducks ambled through the gate and into the garden from the small ravine outside the home.

The winged visitors made a nice day even better for residents, who named their new feathered friends Beatrice and Orville, says life enrichment co-ordinator Laurie Kracht.

“Literally, the two ducks just strolled in,” she tells The OMNIway. “They walked right up to us, not even afraid. … It was a nice moment for the staff and residents seeing the ducks.”

Beatrice and Orville stayed with residents in the garden for most of the day. They would walk around visiting residents, who could not have been more pleased, Laurie says.

When the day’s work was done and it was time for everyone to go back indoors, the ducks were still meandering around the yard.

Laurie guided them towards the gate so they wouldn’t be locked in.

“Then someone reminded me that ducks fly,” Laurie chuckles.

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