Streamway Villa receives diamond Readers’ Choice Award in LTC category

The home’s close-knit, family-like culture is credited for this success

Streamway Villa is the 2022 diamond recipient of the Northumberland News Readers’ Choice Award in the “best nursing home/long-term care centre” category, and the home’s close-knit, family-like culture is being credited for this success.

The diamond award is the highest accolade given to Readers’ Choice Award recipients.

Built in 1977 and housing 59 beds, Streamway Villa is a smaller and older long-term care home. But, as staff members and residents’ families are quick to point out, it’s the people inside that make the home a vibrant place to live and work.

“We’re family here,” Linda Powell, a Streamway Villa personal support worker, tells The OMNIway. “We are all really close together; we have a lot of long-standing staff members here and we all just love each other.”

Readers’ Choice Awards are given annually by Metroland Media Group newspapers. Readers nominate local businesses and organizations to their local Metroland newspaper in June and July and people vote online for their favourite business in each category.

Winners are awarded diamond, platinum and gold accolades in each business category.

Linda, who is also president of CUPE Local 2225-01, the union representing the Cobourg long-term care home’s team members, says everyone does their best to create an environment where people want to live and work.

“We tell jokes, we dance, and that’s a big part of being here: we make it fun,” she says.

Winning a Readers’ Choice Award is also a great morale booster for everyone, Linda says.

“It makes us proud, and hey, we work hard; we work hard and we love the residents and they love us. This is our home. We (staff members) don’t live here, but we still feel this is our home.”

Family member Mike Filip says Streamway Villa earning this honour is reflective of the care his mother, Joan, receives at Streamway Villa and the culture of the home.

Like Linda, Mike says the culture Streamway Villa has created for residents and staff members is why he thinks the home is deserving of the award.

“My thoughts are, simply, this is why we’re here,” Mike says. “This is the best (long-term care home), at least for my mum and her lifestyle. She loves being here.”

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