Streamway Villa helping other LTC homes implement BSO interventions

With BSO embedded in Streamway’s culture, team members are positioned to help others

Since implementing the Behavioural Supports Ontario (BSO) initiative in 2012, Streamway Villa has had many successes improving the quality of life for residents with responsive behaviours.

And the Cobourg long-term care has also become a reference point for other homes to successfully use BSO best practices, says administrator and director of care Kylie Szczebonski.

During OMNI’s Quality Forum, Kylie delivered a presentation, called Helping Those We Serve, focused on the success of the BSO program at Streamway Villa and how BSO protocols and interventions have become deeply embedded in the home’s culture.

A major part of this success has been a toolkit Streamway Villa is using to enhance quality of life for residents who experience agitation, Kylie says.

The toolkit, which heavily references guidelines and protocols developed by the Central East Local Health Integration Network (LHIN), has been modified by Debra McCarthy, a Fleming College student doing a field placement at Streamway Villa in 2016, and the Streamway team to make it easier for staff members and families to understand.

The toolkit outlines different types of responsive behaviours, what they are and how to prevent them from happening.

Canada is experiencing and will continue to experience a large spike in the senior-citizen population as baby boomers reach 65. This presents an opportunity for Streamway Villa and OMNI’s other 17 long-term care homes to continue to demonstrate leadership, Kylie says.

“OMNI has a really great opportunity right now, based on our policies, procedures and standards, to embrace the baby boomers into our homes,” Kylie says.

She adds that OMNI’s president and CEO Patrick McCarthy and the organization’s leadership team have heavily supported BSO being implemented in long-term care homes.

“It has been really beneficial that we have a leader who has done this, (because) if you don’t have the leadership and you don’t have the support of the leadership, then it’s really hard to sustain it,” Kylie says.

“The fact is that we have (organizational leadership) that supports it; that’s why BSO is so successful at this home.”

Kylie notes that team members from other OMNI homes approached her and the Streamway Villa management team since her presentation to tell her they’re feeling more comfortable about contacting Streamway Villa – and other OMNI homes with BSO funding – to learn how to better prevent responsive behaviours in their homes.

“(They) know that we’re there to help them, regardless of whether they are in Ottawa or in London or just down the road,” Kylie says.

“Yes, (OMNI homes) are scattered all over the place, and yes some homes are bigger and some are smaller, but the reality is we still have the same type of residents, and why work harder when we can work smarter.”

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