Streamway residents focus on keeping healthy minds and bodies

Story-sharing and physiotherapy are among the programs residents are finding beneficial

Streamway Villa residents have been focusing on keeping both healthy minds and bodies through programming the Cobourg, Ont. long-term care home offers.

Laurie Kracht, Streamway Villa’s life enrichment co-ordinator (LEC), says there are many active residents at the home who enjoy a wide range of programs.

One such program is a story-sharing activity where residents reminisce or discuss current events, which promotes healthy cognitive function.

In the past, life enrichment team members would be leading this program, but the current residents are enjoying taking the reins, she notes.

“The residents do the talking,” Laurie tells The OMNIway. “They will have conversations about the past … and they will talk about their experiences and have the conversation within themselves.”

Laurie says the residents and staff members have also enjoyed taking the short walk from Streamway Villa to downtown Cobourg which gives everyone a chance to interact with the community.

There has also been a high number of residents participating in the physiotherapy programming the home offers, Laurie notes.

At the moment, the LEC says there are several residents who are focusing on maintaining their mobility.

Every day, physiotherapy assistant Harita Patel will lead an exercise group of residents who do exercises together, and this is showing a lot of promise, Laurie says.

“It’s going amazingly well,” she says. “We even have a couple of residents who can touch their toes now.”

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