Streamway Villa dietary staff member Marsha Dorsey is seen here with a slice of the home's roasted red pepper, asparagus and feta quiche.

Streamway quiche a fan favourite with residents

Dietary staff member Marsha Dorsey discusses the recipe’s strong points

Quiche has proven to be a favourite with residents at Streamway Villa, and the home’s roasted red pepper, asparagus and feta quiche is always a winner with the home’s 59 residents, says Marsha Dorsey.

Dorsey, a staff member in the Cobourg long-term care home’s nutritional care department, says the quiche, which is made from eggs, milk, red pepper, asparagus and feta cheese baked in a savoury pie crust, “goes over really well here.”

“It’s delicious,” she says.

While dietary staff members are required to meet nutritional standards outlined by OMNI Health Care and the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care, they have a lot of flexibility on meal presentation.

And this is an area Dorsey and her colleagues focus on, due to residents wanting their meals to look as good as they taste.

The roasted red pepper, asparagus and feta quiche is garnished with slices of roasted red pepper and diced red onion, making for a colourful presentation.

Dorsey has been working at the Cobourg long-term care home for about a year and a half. Most of her career has been spent working in the kitchens of long-term care homes.

“I started working in long-term care homes in 1999, when I was 17,” she says. “I started my co-op placement in high school through long-term care homes, and I really found that it gave me a sense of giving back to the community — to take care of the people who have spent their lives taking care of us.”

Chris Weber, OMNI’s operations manager of nutrition and food services, wants to show the world just what “nursing-home food” really is and how chefs and cooks working in the long-term care sector can produce top-quality dishes as good as anyone.

Using the hashtag #NursingHomeFood on social-media networks Twitter and Facebook, Weber and The OMNIway are collaborating on a story series to showcase some of the top-notch food being prepared at OMNI’s 18 long-term care homes.

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