Streamway physio program graduate moves back home

Debra Belliveau worked hard to improve her mobility to the point she can once again live on her own

During her time in the Streamway Villa physiotherapy program, Debra Belliveau improved her mobility so well she was able to move back home earlier this year.

Working with Streamway Villa physiotherapy assistant Harita Patel, Debra spent about 17 months doing strengthening exercises, range-of-motion exercises, practising transferring, weight training, balance training and doing lots of walking.

Debra’s goal from the get-go was to improve her mobility to the point she could return to living independently, and she worked hard to make that happen, Harita says.

When Debra made her intentions known, team members at the Cobourg, Ont. long-term care home, along with the physiotherapy team, worked with her to create a plan to help her maximize her strength and achieve her mobility goals.

Once a plan was in place, Debra focused on her exercises and let nothing get in her way, Harita says.

“That was really inspiring,” Harita tells The OMNIway, adding Debra’s determination, focus and sticking to her planned routines helped her achieve success.

“She used to exercise and walk with me every day,” Harita says.

Not only did Debra exercise with the physiotherapy team, she also worked on improving her mobility by herself, Harita says.

Harita says that while the support physiotherapy team members provide plays a part in residents’ progress, it’s also crucial the residents are self-motivated and are dedicated to improving their mobility.

“Motivation, dedication and consistency are very important,” Harita says, noting Debra showed each of these characteristics.

Physiotherapy programs are an important part of life in OMNI Health Care long-term care homes. For many years, residents have worked with physiotherapists and physiotherapy assistants to achieve goals to improve their mobility.

While she now lives on her own, Debra continues to keep in close contact with Streamway Villa, making frequent visits to the home to say hello to residents and staff, who have remained her close friends.

“She came to visit us, just last week, and she was so happy,” Harita says.

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PHOTO CAPTION: Pictured above, former Streamway Villa resident Debra Belliveau is now living on her own, thanks to improving her mobility in the home’s physio program.