Streamway LEA comes up with ‘picture perfect’ idea for Mother’s Day

Streamway Villa resident Jean Ogden (left) and life enrichment aide Tracey Neville hold two picture frames Jean created in a program just before for Mother’s Day.

Resident mothers created decorative picture frames … but they were surprised with what happened next

A new member of Streamway Villa’s life enrichment team came up with what could be called a “picture perfect” idea to help the Cobourg long-term care home’s residents celebrate Mother’s Day.

The week before the Mother’s Day weekend, life enrichment aide (LEA) Tracey Neville was in a shop when she spotted some plain, wooden picture frames with heart shapes cut out of the centre.

Upon seeing these picture frames, Tracey got an idea to create something special for Streamway Villa’s Mother’s Day tea on May 14. She bought the frames and brought them to the home. Then she initiated a program where the ladies decorated the frames, painting them in the colours of their choice.

Tracey then called the sons and daughters of the ladies and asked them to bring photographs of them with their mothers. The photographs were then slid into the picture frames the residents had designed.

The residents were presented with the framed photographs on Mother’s Day morning.

“This was a huge success,” life enrichment co-ordinator Christina Doughty tells The OMNIway.

Tracey, who joined the Streamway Villa life enrichment department after LEA Nancy Williams retired in late March, says she’s happy her idea had such a positive impact on residents and their children.

“One resident’s daughter was in yesterday and just saw it for the first time … and she lit right up,” Tracey says.

This year’s Mother’s Day celebration at Streamway Villa saw a large number of residents’ family members attending. The afternoon included entertainment and refreshments.

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