Streamway Christmas bazaar raises more than $800 for residents’ council

Streamway Villa

Response from staff, family and community was ‘above and beyond,’ says LEC

Streamway Villa life enrichment co-ordinator (LEC) Christina Doughty says the support for this year’s Christmas bazaar from staff, families and the community was “above and beyond” what she has seen in her seven years working at the Cobourg long-term care home.

In total, more than $800 was raised for the home’s residents’ council. The money will go towards enhancing quality of life for residents by funding in-house entertainment and outings.

While the annual event, which was held Dec. 2, usually sees a variety of vendors come to the home to sell their wares, this year’s bazaar featured a bake sale to raise money for residents’ council.

And this year, Christina says she started working on the event earlier than usual.

“I started advertising in September, and I think that’s really what’s needed,” she tells The OMNIway, adding there has been a lot of support from those connected to the home.

“We have had a (large resident) turnover here, and the family members have been really active and have been wanting to make a difference here at Streamway,” Christina says.

“As well, the morale (amongst) staff members seems to be really high, and that makes a huge difference too.”

Several families donated gift baskets to raffle off, which Christina says “is what made the bazaar so successful.”

The family of resident Frances Gage, who passed away in November, donated Frances’s large flat-screen TV to raffle off to staff members. A team member from the environmental services department won the TV.

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