Staff and families work together to revamp Frost Manor gardens

Frost Manor residents Dorothy Burrows and Grant Thurston enjoy a warm summer’s day next to the home’s new raised planter bed.

Planters with colourful flowers and a new flagpole are among the improvements

Frost Manor team members and family council have been working together since spring to complete garden projects at the Lindsay long-term care home, and the collaboration has led to some “colourful” results, says life enrichment co-ordinator (LEC) Lyndsay Burton.

Most recently, staff and family council restored the home’s front patio by adding raised flower beds filled with bright flowers which are accessible to residents who want to help care for the plants.

Frost Manor resident Dorothy Burrows is seen here standing next to a sign that reads “Welcome to Frost Manor” that was donated by PSW Janet Whitelock.

“The added bonus is that the planter is taller so the residents are able to see it from the dining room as well as reach the planter from their wheelchairs,” Lyndsay says.

Family member Scott Field offered to build the planter, and family council and residents’ council raised money to cover additional costs during the May 25 “flower fund” barbecue Frost Manor hosted.

Although it rained on the day of the barbecue, the inclement weather didn’t dampen spirits, Lyndsay says.

“We still had a great turnout, and we were able to raise $200 … and an additional $465 was donated by family members,” the LEC says.

“We also received donations of split perennials to our gardens, so families were able to share their gardens with their loved ones here.”

Residents’ council also purchased raised planter beds to grow beans, peas, tomatoes and strawberries in the home’s therapy garden, so residents will be able to pick a fresh snack while enjoying their outdoor space and adding an additional sensory experience, Lyndsay says.

Maintenance manager Rick Riel found an old flag pole base out front of Frost Manor that was donated in previous years. Staff and family members have now added a new flagpole and flag. The flag was raised on Canada Day with the help of Frost Manor resident Gord Browning.

“With the warm weather now here we are really able to see our garden areas come to life, and with the added funds we have really packed in punches of colour to brighten our home,” Lyndsay says.

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