Springdale team members rally to support LEA’s mission work in Belize

Springdale Country Manor organized a lunchtime chili sale Feb. 15 to support missionary work LEA Trish Mills (pictured far right) is undertaking in Belize. Trish and her husband will be joining Andy and Maureen Harjula (pictured at left). The fundraiser was organized by Springdale life enrichment co-ordinator Sonia Murney (pictured second from right).

The chili fundraiser they organized brings in $182 that Trish Mills and others will use to help children and churches

PETERBOROUGH, Ont. – Trish Mills’ colleagues at Springdale Country Manor rallied to her side Feb. 15 when they hosted a chili sale to help support a two-week mission in Belize she and her husband are undertaking.

The event raised $182, which, along with other money raised, will go towards helping children and their families pay for school fees, starting a lunch program in schools and painting a church, among other things.

Trish, a life enrichment aide (LEA) at the Peterborough County long-term care home, is leaving today (Feb. 21) with her husband, Peter, to travel to the town of Dangriga with other parishioners at St. John’s Church in Ida, where Peter is rector.

Two of those parishioners are Andy and Maureen Harjula, who have performed missionary work in Dangriga for several years and have established a strong relationship with the churches and schools in the town of 10,000.

“There are roots to those relationships that really appeal to Peter and me, and the practical nature of the ministry and the service that they offer,” Trish says, when asked why she and her husband decided to join the Harjulas on this year’s mission.

It’s a mission that has made a difference. Andy says gardening and local food production is uncommon in Belize, but through the mission’s work, the people of Dangriga are benefiting.

“For example, one of the people we have helped is now producing enough limes to support himself for a year,” Andy says.

This is the first time Trish has been to Belize, and she says she’s looking forward to the journey.

“It’s so exciting and so interesting to see what my husband and I can do,” she says. “It’s going to be an adventure. …

“It will also be interesting to be a part of something so sustainable; I am really drawn to the things Andy and Maureen have done.

Trish says she’s also thankful for the support she has received from colleagues at Springdale Country Manor, especially life enrichment co-ordinator Sonia Murney, who organized the chili fundraiser.

“Everyone has been so interested and is extending their best wishes to me, and, of course, Sonia really ran with the fundraiser, so I was really, really touched by that,” she says.

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