Springdale resident Lillian de Bassecourt celebrates 101st birthday

Lillian enjoyed phone calls from family, flowers and pizza to mark her special day

Springdale Country Manor resident Lillian de Bassecourt celebrated her 101st birthday at the Peterborough-area long-term care home with a build-your-own pizza luncheon provided to her and other residents on May 21.

Lillian had “a wonderful time” celebrating her special day with residents and staff members, says Sonia Murney, Springdale’s life enrichment co-ordinator.

Aside from the pizza luncheon, which also featured ceasar salad, Canadian maple ice cream and beer for everyone, Lillian received flowers and a window visit from her local family members.

Lillian also received calls from her loved ones living far away, including her grandson, who lives in Australia, and daughter Johanne, who lives in Alberta.

A former ski instructor, Lillian is an active resident at Springdale. Every morning she reads the newspaper, which is a favourite pastime of hers. She is also an avid bingo player and participates in nearly every activity offered. The Springdale fitness program, called Fun and Fit, is another favourite activity of Lillian’s, Sonia says.

Lillian recently moved into a new room at Springdale Country Manor. Sonia says Lillian’s new room provides her with a “beautiful view” of the home’s back courtyard. Lillian enjoys watching birds eat at the feeder and looking at the flowers.

“She can also see the hills and the green farmers’ fields, and she just loves looking at the scenery,” Sonia says.

In fact, Lillian’s daughter Carolyn, who is also her essential caregiver, was recently planting flowers in the courtyard for her mother and other residents to enjoy, Sonia says.

As part of her daily routine, Lillian stops by Sonia’s office to get chocolates and other snacks, Whippets being her favourite.

“And there’s nothing wrong with a little chocolate every day to keep you healthy,” Sonia says.

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