Springdale partnership with massage therapy students is a ‘win-win’

Massage therapy student Jennie Clements is seen here working on Springdale Country Manor maintenance manager Andrew Diamond on March 11. The students have been visiting the home regularly since December to give team members massages as part of their outreach work.

Students gaining work experience, while staff members enjoy relaxing benefits of massages

SPRINGVILLE, Ont. – Springdale Country Manor staff members were treated to massages from a team of massage therapy students from Oxford College March 11 as part of an ongoing partnership that gives the students’ field work experience and provides the Peterborough-area long-term care home’s employees with a relaxing break from their busy day.

The collaboration began in December when the students were invited to Springdale to provide massages to team members as part of a staff appreciation day. Springdale staff members enjoyed their massages so much the students offered to continue coming to the home on a regular basis.

“It has been excellent,” says Springdale Country Manor administrator Maureen King says of the collaboration. “Staff will ask when (the students) are coming in next.”

As part of their coursework, massage therapy students are required to complete 150 hours of outreach work. Student Jennie Clements says she and her colleagues decided to do their outreach work with a long-term care home because it was an opportunity to “affect the most change,” so the arrangement is a “win-win” for the students and Springdale staff members.

“(Springdale staff members) work hard, so we wanted to give people some relief, and it’s rewarding for us,” Jennie says. “It’s a 10-minute break from the stress … and they look forward to that.”

Jennie adds that long-term-care home staff members are so busy taking care of others they sometimes don’t take enough time for themselves. Being able to look forward to a massage every couple of weeks can make a difference to them, she says.

“They are always putting other people first in their work, so this is a chance for their employer to say, ‘take 10 minutes to focus on yourself,’ ” she says.

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