Springdale LEA returns from ‘eye-opening’ experience doing mission work in Belize

Springdale Country Manor organized a lunchtime chili sale Feb. 15 to support missionary work LEA Trish Mills (pictured far right) undertook in Belize in February. Trish and her husband joined Andy and Maureen Harjula (pictured at left). The fundraiser was organized by Springdale life enrichment co-ordinator Sonia Murney (pictured second from right).

Trish Mills helped paint a church and brought money raised by co-workers to help provide food for school lunches

Trish Mills says her recent two-week mission work in Belize was an “eye-opening” experience, and she is thankful to her co-workers at Springdale Country Manor for supporting her on her journey to help the people in the town of Dangriga.

Trish, a life enrichment aide (LEA) at the Peterborough County long-term care home, spoke with The OMNIway on Tuesday (March 13), her first day back on the job after her stay in the Central American country, where she, her husband and other parishioners from St. John’s Church in Ida provided support to school students and helped locals paint the exterior of a church.

Two of those parishioners are Andy and Maureen Harjula, who have performed missionary work in Dangriga for several years and have established a strong relationship with the churches and schools in the town of 10,000.

Before Trish left on her journey, her colleagues at Springdale Country Manor organized a chili sale that raised $182. That money was earmarked to help the children of Dangriga. The money went to provide chicken to accompany the rice and beans children attending a Dangriga school will receive in their lunches.

“That is where I asked Andy to allocate that money,” Trish explains, adding rice and beans is a staple meal in Belize, and having a serving of chicken added will provide additional protein.

“And I would like to again thank Sonia (life enrichment co-ordinator Sonia Murney) and the others for helping raise money. I was so touched.”

Trish says travelling to a developing country like Belize to help people is an experience she would recommend to others.

“It’s great to do on lots of levels,” she says.

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