Springdale getting creative to keep residents and staff cool

The home is finding different ways to keep everyone hydrated during the recent heatwave

With Ontario recently experiencing a heatwave with daytime temperatures regularly around 30 C, the Springdale Country Manor team has been putting forth an extra effort to keep residents and staff members cool and hydrated.

To keep the Peterborough-area long-term care home’s residents cool as the mercury rises, staff members have been working to keep fluid intake high every day, explains life enrichment co-ordinator Sonia Murney.

In addition to offering the usual water and fruit juices at regular intervals, residents and staff members can also enjoy Popsicles throughout the day, Sonia says.

When time permits, team members will also prepare special treats, such as ice-cream floats, to keep residents and staff hydrated and cool, she adds.

On one of the hottest days the Peterborough area has had this summer, the Springdale team ordered Frosty dairy desserts from a local Wendy’s for residents and staff members to enjoy.

In fact, ice cream is an ideal treat to give people when it’s hot because it tends to make people want to drink more water, Sonia notes.

Springdale Country Manor has seen an increase in requests for safe outdoor visits between residents and their families, so staff has been scheduling outdoor visits during the morning when the temperatures are cooler.

“We are doing different things to keep everyone hydrated and cool,” Sonia says.

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