Springdale Country Manor gives residents a Valentine’s Day to remember

George and Shirley Mather hold hands while being serenaded by the Aces of Harmony during Springdale Country Manor’s Valentine’s Day sweetheart luncheon.

Food, wine and song accompany couples celebrating their love

Seven couples celebrated their love Feb. 14 during Springdale Country Manor’s annual Valentine’s Day “sweetheart luncheon”.

Left to right, couples Gerry and Edna Wood, and Shirley and George Mather share a moment during Springdale Country Manor’s Valentine’s Day luncheon.

This year’s Valentine’s Day luncheon was extra special for resident Gerry Wood and his wife, Edna, who are celebrating their 70th wedding anniversary today (Feb. 19).

“Everything is so wonderful here,” Edna said of the celebration.

The Springdale Country Manor team went the extra mile to deliver the perfect Valentine’s Day lunch. The meal included a choice of heart-shaped ravioli or a pulled-pork sandwich accompanied by a mixed salad, garlic bread, and strawberry shortcake for dessert. Residents and guests could also enjoy a glass of wine with their meal.

The big surprise for residents was a visit from a tuxedo-clad quartet of Aces of Harmony members who stopped by Springdale Country Manor to serenade residents and their guests while they enjoyed lunch.

The Aces of Harmony is a multimember Peterborough-based male chorus ensemble that has been a fixture in the community for 50 years.

Before their performance, the Aces of Harmony presented Gerry and Edna with a red rose in honour of their 70-year marriage. But it was after the quartet’s performance that came perhaps the most poignant moment of the day when Gerry, with a small smile, looked over at Edna.

“Happy Valentine’s Day,” he whispered to his wife.

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