Soup’s on at Maplewood

Maplewood resident Corina Dempsey, left, and dietary aide Emily Morewood, a George Brown College culinary student, mark Nutrition Month in Canada.

Residents prep vegetables, learn about healthy food choices

From peeling carrots for a homemade soup to tasting avocadoes while blindfolded, residents are actively participating in current Nutrition Month activities at Maplewood.

The Brighton long-term care home is marking Nutrition Month, which is celebrated nationally in March, with a variety of initiatives for staff and residents alike.

With the goal of increasing both the education about and the consumption of healthy foods, the nutritional care department is working collaboratively with life enrichment staff on the activities.

“Residents are helping to prepare healthy recipes and talking about slow food,” Tracy Morewood, nutritional care manager (NCM) tells The OMNIway.

While they peeled the carrots, staff and residents discussed the difference between putting chicken nuggets in the oven as opposed to roasting a chicken or breading it and why “slow foods” are healthier, Tracy notes.

“We don’t have a lot of completely out-sourced products. Instead of outsourcing, we try to adapt and use homemade recipes. Almost all of our soups are from scratch and residents give us advice on recipes and we try to adapt our menu to reflect this,” the NCM says.

The life enrichment staff members were involved in other areas of Nutrition Month, such as planting herbs that will be used in the kitchen once the plants have grown.

In addition, residents had a blindfold taste-test activity with nutritional foods that was run by Roseanne Blackburn, life enrichment aide. Residents tried raisins, avocadoes and other healthy foods.

Maplewood’s Nutrition Month activities are also being championed by a George Brown College culinary student and in partnership with an OMNI dietitian.

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