Sign-making fundraiser brings in $180 for Frost Manor’s residents’ council

Paint night events at other OMNI homes inspire LEC to host similar event

Recent articles in The OMNIway about “paint night” events at Pleasant Meadow Manor and Maplewood inspired Frost Manor life enrichment co-ordinator (LEC) Lyndsay Irwin to organize a similar fundraising activity at the Lindsay long-term care home.

Twelve participants, including Frost Manor staff members, family members, managers and “friends of Frost Manor” attended the July 31 “sign-making night” event, which raised $180 for the home’s residents’ council. The money will be used to fund in-home entertainment and outings.

Paint night events are led by a trained artist who guides attendees through the process of creating a piece of artwork. Frost Manor used the same process for its event, which featured participants creating circular wooden signs with sayings and phrases printed on them. People could choose a saying or phrase related to a topic they were interested in.

For instance, one dog lover made a sign that read, “Dogs leave paw prints on your heart forever.” Cottage enthusiasts made signs like, “Life is good at the cottage.”

The event was led by Kim Thornbury, the owner of Heart N Soul Gifts, a local boutique. Kim was recommended to Lyndsay by another staff member who had attended paint night events in the area before and had seen the great work Kim does.

Lyndsay says the event went so well that Frost Manor is hoping to partner with Kim again for future events.

“We were talking about maybe doing a pillow-making fundraiser – Kim does all sorts of crafts, so there is a wide variety of things that we could do,” she says.

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