Seven teddy bears have a new home with Maplewood residents

During a June 25 picnic, residents quickly adopted the teddy bears, who were among the guests

Thanks to an idea from life enrichment aide (LEA) Lynanne Campbell, seven teddy bears now have loving homes at Maplewood.

On June 25, Lynanne hosted a teddy bear picnic in the Brighton, Ont. long-term care home’s garden. As part of the event, residents were given a chance to “adopt” the teddy bears attending the picnic with residents.

When given the opportunity to adopt the teddy bears, residents jumped at the chance, says Maplewood administrator and life enrichment co-ordinator Rachel Corkery.

“Lynanne said she was surprised how popular the adoptions were; (it was) another day filled with fun and laughter at Maplewood,” Rachel says.

To make the adoptions official, Lynanne provided residents with adoption papers for each of the teddy bears.

During the picnic, a table was set up with a centrepiece put together from flowers from the Maplewood garden. The teddy bears had their own bench and picnic blanket set up.

In keeping with pandemic safety protocols in place, social distancing was observed throughout the event.

The teddy bear picnic went over so well with residents, Rachel wrote residents’ family members an e-mail shortly after that included photos from the event.

“As I am putting this e-mail together some residents are still out enjoying the decorations that adorn our garden,” she wrote.

“Who has more fun than everyone at Maplewood? I just had to send you pictures. … Congratulations to all those who adopted a teddy bear today.”

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