Sense of home is a feeling and a reality at Maplewood: administrator


‘This is just a place where family is everything’

On her way home from the hospital after giving birth, a Maplewood employee’s first stop with her new baby was at the Brighton long-term care home.

Recently, another staff member hosted her three-year-old daughter’s birthday party, at the request of the toddler, at Maplewood.

These two occurrences aren’t surprising to the long-term care home’s administrator and life enrichment co-ordinator Rachel Corkery.

“This just seems to be the Maplewood family,” Rachel tells The OMNIway.

“I’ve never experienced this anywhere else and it’s just amazing. This is just a place where family is everything.”

Maplewood recently hired a new dietary aide in its kitchen. The employee was introduced to the home 19 years ago when she was born.

Her mother, a personal support worker (PSW), who still works at Maplewood, had spent her pregnancy working at the home and was the employee who stopped by after being discharged from the hospital.

Meanwhile, three-year-old Avery Kargus had her birthday party Dec. 13 at the home.

The youngster’s mother, Paula, a PSW, asked Rachel in the summer of 2019 if she could host Avery’s party at the home. The employee brought all of the decorations, food, activities and games for the affair.

“I want to say Paula is exceptional but she’s almost typical of the staff that we have here at Maplewood,” Rachel notes.

Paula’s actions in regards to involving Avery in residents’ lives is typical of the home’s family-centred culture.

“It’s also the way we provide care – we provide care as if these individuals are our family and some of them are. When we talk about the Maplewood family, it really truly does mean that.”

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