Seeing residents smile is the best part of the job for Country Terrace LEC

Lora Blackett shares her thoughts on her first three months working at the home

Lora Blackett says the best part of being the life enrichment co-ordinator (LEC) at Country Terrace has been seeing the smiles on residents’ faces when they’re participating in programming they enjoy.

Lora, who became the LEC at the Komoka, Ont. long-term care home Oct. 4, says she’s also enjoying working with the life enrichment team members to create and run the activities that have a positive impact on residents.

“I like to be able to oversee the programs and watch how things are going, and watching the team at work and seeing them put smiles on the residents’ faces,” she tells The OMNIway, adding she’s enjoying her new position.

“It has been great, it has definitely been a learning experience, but I’ve been catching on and I really enjoy doing what I do.”

Lora has extensive experience working in life enrichment going back about 12 years. Most recently, she worked at a long-term care home in nearby London, Ont. for eight and a half years.

One aspect of programming Lora says she has been focusing on since becoming the Country Terrace LEC is introducing more small-group and one-to-one activities.

Small-group programming has been especially important during the COVID-19 pandemic, and one-to-one programming engages many residents who otherwise do not attend activities and events.

“Just to be able to focus our time on those residents (has been important),” Lora says.

Looking ahead, Lora says she plans to continue many of the successful programs her predecessor, Christie Patterson, ran for many years, as well as bringing her own ideas into the mix.

Christie, who is now the Country Terrace administrator, has also helped Lora adjust to her new role.

“It has been really great having Christie as the administrator now, being able to bounce ideas off of her as I learn the new role, and that has been really great, Lora says, adding the rest of the Country Terrace team has also been supportive.

“The management team has also been really kind and welcoming, as has the life enrichment team.”

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