‘Secret valentines’ serve up surprise for Kentwood Park residents

Kentwood Park’s dining room tables were furnished with surprise gift bags and cards for residents to celebrate Valentine’s Day during the lunch hour on Feb. 14.

Staff members made sure each resident received gifts and a card on Feb. 14

Kentwood Park residents were treated to a special Valentine’s Day event over the lunch hour on Feb. 14 when staff members surprised them with cards and gifts.

Brandy Courtney, a life enrichment aide at the Picton long-term care home, says staff members acted as “secret valentines” to the home’s 45 residents.

“We had all of the staff sign up for every resident, and the people that did not have anyone signed up with, we went out and bought them little extra gift bags and we set (the dining room tables) up just before lunch and made them look all pretty,” she tells The OMNIway.

Staff members didn’t let the residents see what was going on until they opened the doors for them to come in for lunch.

“They were all surprised, looking through their bags and eating all their chocolate before their lunch,” Brandy chuckles.

After lunch, staff members had a cinnamon heart draw. Brandy had a jar of cinnamon hearts and everyone got to guess how many of the sweets were inside. The winner got the jar and cinnamon hearts.

Like secret Santa events at Christmas, the secret Valentine program allows staff members to anonymously buy gifts and cards for residents.

Each year Kentwood Park hosts either a secret Valentine or a secret Easter bunny program. The home alternates the program between Valentine’s Day and Easter every year.

“The residents enjoyed everything – they all had smiles on their faces and they couldn’t get into their chocolate fast enough,” she says.

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