Savour the flavour: LEA prepares Indian meal for Forest Hill residents

Forest Hill resident Marilyn Orr is pictured here enjoying an Indian lunch LEA Mridula Singh prepared recently.

Residents ‘absolutely loved’ the lunch Mridula Singh made from scratch

It is well known that Indian cuisine features some of the most flavourful dishes known to foodies, and Forest Hill life enrichment aide (LEA) Mridula Singh recently prepared samples of some of India’s best-known foods for the Ottawa-area long-term care home’s residents.

This was not “curry in a hurry”. Mridula worked hard and took her time preparing a delicious meal that featured butter chicken; aloo matar, a potato and pea curry; and a biryani, a rice dish flavoured with morsels of meat, herbs and spices.

Residents “absolutely loved” the meal, says life enrichment co-ordinator Craig Forrest, adding Mridula even wore an authentic Indian evening dress during lunch.

Craig adds that having Mridula prepare the meal from scratch made the meal extra special.

“Mridula explained each dish and what went in it, and she and the residents then talked about Indian culture,” Craig tells The OMNIway. “Residents loved talking with Mridula about Indian culture and they really enjoyed the food.”

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