Safari month takes Frost Manor residents on an in-house jungle trip

Decorations and activities have been centred on a safari theme for August

Anyone walking through Frost Manor this month will find themselves surrounded by an array of animals normally only seen in a jungle habitat.

That’s because August is “safari month” at the Lindsay, Ont. long-term care home, and the animals on-site, which include a monkey, a giraffe, a tiger and an elephant, are among the creative decorations designed by the life enrichment team that are included in a mural on a wall in the activity room.

“We had safari month and it was a lot of fun,” Amy Whitehead, Frost Manor’s life enrichment co-ordinator, tells The OMNIway.

“We made our large dining room, small dining room and our lounge all look like a safari. … The residents really loved it. It has been a lot of fun this month.”

In addition to the mural, life enrichment aide Sarah Thayer, who is a skilled balloon artist, made animal balloons as well as a large safari Jeep that was put in the lounge.

Throughout August, games with jungle animal and safari themes have been prominent, Amy says.

“We had safari bingo, we had ‘feed the crocodile’, we had Hungry Hungry Hippos and ‘rhino ring toss’,” she says.

Every month the life enrichment team creates a theme to engage residents.

Amy explains how team members are inspired to create themes.

“We will have one idea in our head and take that and roll with it and make it into something much bigger than we had thought, which is wonderful,” she says.

Amy adds that some new Frost Manor team members got to experience the fun culture the home provides during safari month.

“We have had some new staff here, and when they saw everything that we’ve done, they thought it was awesome,” she says.

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