Rosebridge Manor to participate in medicinal cannabis trial

Rosebridge Manor

Initiative generates excitement for residents, family members

Rosebridge Manor is taking part in a pilot project that will provide medical cannabis for residents who qualify and are willing to participate.

The Jasper, Ont. long-term care home is receiving outstanding support from residents, family members, Rosebridge’s physician and the broader community for the trial.

Rosebridge Manor was approached by In Initiative Inc., the clinical consulting service behind the study, in May 2019 to see if the home would be willing to participate in a medical cannabis pilot project.

From helping manage pain to reducing anxiety as well as insomnia, Rosebridge Manor has high hopes for the potential cannabis could have on improving quality of life for its residents.

Rosebridge Manor clinical care co-ordinator (CCC) Terri Ann Streight speaks with The OMNIway about the pilot.

“We’re excited to be taking this step,” says Terri Ann.

“We already have residents and family members asking for medical cannabis and our doctor has always been open to trying newer techniques.”

The pilot will provide free medical cannabis to participating residents for the duration of the trial and for as long as they are prescribed it afterwards. The cost is currently a barrier for residents who want to try cannabis, the CCC notes.

Terri Ann and other managers had the opportunity to tour the Tweed cannabis plant in Smith’s Falls.

Rosebridge has also been working with In Initiative and home office to develop a pre-screening tool to see how many of the home’s 78 residents would qualify to participate if interested. Contraindications include severe cardiovascular disease, a history of substance abuse and previous psychosis or other hyper-sensitivities.

The home hosted an information session in October featuring In Initiative registered nurse Debbie Green, which attracted residents, relatives and a number of community members.

“We had a really good response. Everyone seemed to like what they heard about the pilot project.”

The anticipated benefits of using cannabis include improving residents’ quality of life, lowering anxiety, agitation, insomnia and pain issues and reducing the use of opioids and antipsychotic medications.

“We will be starting the pilot with one resident, I am currently gathering information and putting assessments together,” Terri Ann notes.

“It’s surprising, a lot of people are excited about it.”

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