Rosebridge Manor throws a rockin’ Halloween party

Rosebridge Manor resident Joan Dillon dresses up as a baker for Halloween. The resident ran a successful catering business for several decades.

Residents, family members, staff wear costumes, get into the spirit of the day

The King of Rock ’n’ Roll and the queen were crowned recently at Rosebridge Manor.

The Jasper long-term care home hosted a Halloween party Oct. 31. A resident dressed as Elvis Presley and another dressed as the queen tied for the title of best costume.

It was a fun event, says Kathy Barr, Rosebridge’s life enrichment co-ordinator (LEC).

The party attracted 35-40 residents and family members and employees also took part in the festivities.

“We got all of the residents dressed up after lunch and had a nice big party,” Kathy says.

The party featured a band, playing Creedence Clearwater Revival among other tunes, which residents especially enjoyed, the LEC notes.

“Some of the staff dressed up and we had some family members (in costume) too.”

Kathy has about a dozen tubs of costumes that she has gathered over the past 25 years. In addition to the queen and Elvis, other costumes included a variety of witches and a baker.

One of the home’s residents, Joan Dillon, set up her room to welcome trick-or-treaters. The employees dropped by and the resident requested they each perform a trick before receiving a treat. It was something the resident always did when she lived in her own home, Kathy notes. Joan also ran a catering business for several decades.

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