Rosebridge Manor residents enjoy increased one-to-one time

Life enrichment staff offers individualized activities, FaceTime

Whether they’re listening to a short story, playing a card game or having a FaceTime visit with a loved one, Rosebridge Manor residents are enjoying an increase in individualized activities these days.

With the world battling the COVID-19 pandemic, Rosebridge Manor isn’t offering group activities or outside visitors.

However, the life enrichment department is working hard to keep residents engaged and their spirits up by providing more one-on-one time, life enrichment co-ordinator (LEC) Kathy Barr tells The OMNIway.

“We’re all just trying to keep everyone healthy and to keep COVID-19 out of our home,” Kathy says.

“We’re trying to gear our activities to safety. We’re trying to keep everyone’s spirits up.”

Ninety per cent of the activities Rosebridge Manor is offering now are one-to-one in nature. Each of the home’s 78 residents is assigned one-to-one time with a member of the life enrichment department.

Those team members are also scheduling bookings for FaceTime, which allows residents to visit with family members through a phone or tablet. “We have quite a few families responding to that,” Kathy says.

“So, part of their one-to-one time is a FaceTime visit with their family.”

Rosebridge Manor is ultimately focusing on keeping residents connected with their families and ensuring those who want to know the world news stay informed.

“They’re watching their TVs and they know a lot about what’s happening,” she says of residents who are cognitively well enough to retain the information about the pandemic.

Overall, the increased one-to-one time is enjoyable for residents, Kathy says. They like the fact there are scheduled visits specifically for them. The home is offering some spontaneous pop-in visits as well.

The resident and life enrichment aide will chat, sometimes play card games, read short stories, play music, do trivia or look at items of interest on the iPad together.

Kathy says some residents also enjoy outdoor walks so that will be happening more often when warmer weather arrives.

There’s one resident in particular who enjoys daily walks rain or shine. “Fortunately, we’re out in the country so I can easily keep her safe and isolated from other people.”

The LEC anticipates another boost to spirits when residents are able to be outdoors and putter with gardening in the raised planters as well.

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