Rosebridge Manor PSW praises Village Green BSO program, training session

‘It was a very informative day’

As Rosebridge Manor builds its Behavioural Supports Ontario (BSO) team, personal support worker (PSW) Richard Barr says the best training he has received by far was during a session at Village Green.

Village Green in Greater Napanee recently welcomed Richard and BSO registered practical nurse (RPN) Molly Headrick from Rosebridge Manor in Jasper to join a training session at the home.

BSO is a provincial initiative to help enhance quality of life for seniors affected by dementia and other conditions that cause agitation. The BSO team works collaboratively to develop resident-centred tools to ease agitation.

“It was a very informative day,” Richard tells The OMNIway.

“It was great to go and it helped us a lot. It gives us a foot up on where we need to go.”

As Rosebridge Manor is in the early stages of developing its BSO team, it was eye-opening for Richard and Molly to see the possibilities that came to light during the Village Green trip.

They’ve done a fantastic job at the Selby home and Richard hopes he and Molly can do the same at Rosebridge Manor.

“We’re really new at it and still taking training courses and the day up there was the best day we could have had anywhere,” the PSW notes.

When asked what impressed him, Richard says there were many aspects of the program. One activity involved staff members purging the home, clearing up clutter and opening a new, pleasant sitting room for residents and their visitors.

He was also moved by how much buy-in the initiative has from every staff member at Village Green. It really was a home-wide effort he saw underway, Richard notes.

The PSW was also intrigued by a system Village Green uses to provide individualized supports for its residents, which involves colour-coded boxes and corresponding colours on residents’ charts to signal which strategies work best for each individual.

Read more about the colour-coding initiative in an upcoming story in The OMNIway.

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