Rosebridge Manor marks St. Patrick’s Day with Irish flair

Important to keep spirits up as world faces pandemic, NCM says

Irish eyes are smiling after Rosebridge Manor marked St. Patrick’s Day with a special festive menu.

Homemade sausage rolls and warm corned beef on rye sandwiches were crowd-pleasers for the Jasper long-term care home’s residents.

“They loved the whole meal,” Kori Bigelow, nutritional care manager (NCM) for Rosebridge Manor, tells The OMNIway.

With a steam table for the meat set up in the dining room, nutritional care staff prepared the sandwiches upon request. “We assembled the orders as they came in so they would be fresh.”

One resident remarked how the experience reminded her of being in her favourite restaurant. “That was really lovely to hear,” the NCM says.

Residents “absolutely love” the special menu days in general. Holiday-themed meals occur all year long as the occasions fall throughout the calendar, in collaboration with the life enrichment department.

Kori helps kitchen staff in a hands-on capacity when preparing the unique menus. “They’re fully behind it and it’s important they feel supported,” the NCM says about the nutritional care department employees. “My staff are very on-board.”

Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day was particularly important this year, given the COVID-19 pandemic the world is facing and the state of emergency declared in Ontario.

“It’s still really important for the residents to feel like it’s business as usual and we are still moving forward. They have to sacrifice enough…and it doesn’t take a lot of effort to make a day feel special,” Kori notes.

“It’s even more important now that we continue to do those things and carry on.”

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