RN ‘creates possibility where others may see defeat’

Willows Estate’s Lily Martin receive Elisabeth Hinton Award

Buttering toast isn’t in her job description but Lily Martin has been known to roll up her sleeves and help out in the kitchen.

A registered nurse (RN) at Willows Estate, Lily is the Aurora long-term care home’s recipient of the Elisabeth Hinton Award for Excellence in Nursing.

“Lily is a dedicated RN at Willows,” say those who nominated her. “She demonstrates leadership in all she does. If we are working short a personal support worker (PSW), she steps up to the bedside to assist with care.

“At times, she has been found in the kitchen making toast when a storm delays dietary staff. She does not hesitate to pitch in to get the job done especially if it impacts resident care.”

Lily works closely with the nursing team and the physician to ensure Willows Estate residents receive the best possible care.

“Her knowledge and contribution are highly respected by Dr. Dawson and the Circle of Care team. Her opinion is sought by the team.”

Lily has a gerontological certificate from the Canadian Nurses Association. She works hard to maintain her standing and pursues education programs and attends in-services to ensure she remains up-to-date.

“Beyond the professional recognition, we know that our residents are receiving safe and effective care with her specialty knowledge and clinical experience through her dedication and commitment to the profession.”

When faced with a challenge, Lily gets creative, Willows says. For example, when the team needed extra support for a heel wound, Lily gathered foam, tape and towels to craft what was needed to provide the additional support for wound healing. “She creates possibility where others may see defeat.”

Lily has earned the respect of her peers and the PSWs in her charge. She has the leadership skills to motivate her team and the strength to give clear direction when it is needed.

“Even in the most stressful moments, Lily laughs and says, ‘OK, we can do this.’ “It is no wonder that she is a past recipient of our Inspired Leadership Award. As a dedicated OMNI employee with 10 years of service, Lily is more than deserving of the Elisabeth Hinton Award for Excellence in Nursing.”

The Elisabeth Hinton Award is presented to an RN or an RPN who demonstrates excellence in nursing and exhibits kindness and caring in everything he or she does. It honours the memory of Elisabeth, who served as the director of care at Garden Terrace, OMNI’s long-term care home in Kanata, for five years.

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