RN appreciates Maplewood’s support during illness

RN Kelly McEwan, right, socializes during a Sept. 23 barbecue at Maplewood.

‘They’ve been very good here’

BRIGHTON, Ont. – As she prepares for surgery Sept. 25, Kelly McEwan knows she has a team rooting for her recovery and well-being.

The Maplewood registered nurse (RN) was recently diagnosed with cancer.

The Brighton long-term care home hosted a staff appreciation day/fundraiser Sept. 23 for Kelly and a co-worker, a personal support worker, who also recently received a cancer diagnosis.

Kelly told The OMNIway she was quite “surprised” to see the e-mail about the event, which brought together more than 100 employees, family members and residents to Maplewood’s backyard for a barbecue and a variety of entertainment.

Kelly is currently on short-term disability leave and has started radiation treatments. Her surgery Sept. 25 is anticipated to shed more light on her diagnosis.

From the time she received the news about her illness, Maplewood’s team has been supportive, accommodating her time off for appointments and treatment, the RN noted.

“They’ve been very good here,” Kelly said.

She is grateful for OMNI Health Care’s benefits plan. Kelly said she also appreciates having access to the Hope Fund, which helped pay for her hotel room and food when she had to travel to Kingston for treatment.

The Hope Fund is a program that provides financial assistance to employees during times of crisis. Such crises may include a severe illness, having to suddenly care for an immediate family member, a car accident or a natural disaster.

“In our situation, every little bit helps,” she said.

The event included a number of activities for staff members’ children from face-painting to a jumping castle.

The home also rented a dunk tank and for a $2 donation, people threw balls at a target with a bull’s-eye dumping the person in the dunk tank’s seat into the tank of cold water.

A table with a donation box was set-up near the tank. At press time, the amount of money raised from the event wasn’t yet tallied but was expected to be in the ballpark of $600.

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