Riverview Manor’s therapy partnership with Fleming College a ‘win-win’

Fleming College instructor Jeanette Boersma (standing, far left) is seen here with some of her occupational therapy students and physiotherapist assistant Jody Harris (standing, far right). The students are doing a placement at Riverview Manor as part of a partnership between the Peterborough long-term care home and college.

Residents get additional help in the physio program, while students gain valuable experience

PETERBOROUGH, Ont. – A collaboration between Riverview Manor and Fleming College’s occupational therapist assistant and physiotherapist assistant program is a “win-win” for both the Peterborough long-term care home and the students involved with the partnership, says instructor Jeanette Boersma.

Jeanette, an occupational therapist, and a group of her students are currently at Riverview Manor as part of the placement program.

For more than 10 years, students from Fleming’s occupational therapist assistant and physiotherapist assistant program have been working with residents and physiotherapists and physiotherapist assistants to build their skill sets.

Many residents require therapy to regain and maintain their strength, so the work the students are doing also enhances quality of life for residents, Jeanette notes.

The Riverview Manor team’s feedback about the students and the partnership has always been positive, she adds.

“We have always been asked to come back, and I have had a number of staff members already come up to me and comment on how they have seen the students work with the residents and how positive it has been to have some extra hands and attention for the residents,” Jeanette tells The OMNIway.

The partnership has also garnered favourable commentary from students, Jeanette says. The experience provides them with hands-on experience and allows students to build not only their therapy skills but also their communication and relationship-building skills, which will be transferable to any discipline the students pursue.

“Students have always had really positive feedback about the placement because it gives them a wide variety of experience, and they really enjoy working with the residents,” Jeanette says.

“If they are here for seven or eight weeks, they can really develop some good relationships with the residents here, and they see how much the residents enjoy their contact with them and their opportunity to work on various activities.”

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