Riverview Manor’s ladies have a ‘picture-perfect’ Mother’s Day

Residents have special photos taken and sent to their loved ones for Mother’s Day

The ladies living at Riverview Manor had a “picture-perfect” Mother’s Day this year.

In the weeks leading up to Mother’s Day on May 9, Riverview Manor life enrichment aides (LEAs) were busy taking photos of every lady living at the Peterborough long-term care home.

LEA Adam Wicklum was the photographer and worked with LEAs Brigitte Byette, Rosemary Roseborough and Taylor Ioannou, who organized a beauty parlour for the ladies so they could have their hair done for their photos.

Residents had their photos taken in front of a backdrop of a spring blooming tree mural. The tree changes colour with the seasons, and different props, such as birds, butterflies, frogs and turtles, were added.

There was a vase of large artificial flowers next to residents in their photos, and residents held a large bouquet of similar flowers.

The photos were printed in colour on life enrichment co-ordinator Sherry Baldwin’s printer. Using residents’ photos, Adam made two Mother’s Day collages, one for each side of the home.

The collages were taped up in the dining rooms for two weeks for all the residents and staff to enjoy. When they came down, each resident received their colour printed photo.

The power of attorney of residents who had their photos taken received an e-mail with an attached photo of their loved one just before Mother’s Day.

When Mother’s Day arrived, all the ladies received a Mother’s Day card and a corsage. A large “Happy Mother’s Day” lawn sign was put up at the front of the home. Residents and staff could see the sign from both dining rooms.

LEAs Tina Hutchinson and Marilyn Price organized a special tea and trivia on both sides of the home with fancy tea cups on Mother’s Day. They ate cupcakes and cookies that were made at another program that weekend.

Adam says the photos received lots of positive feedback from residents’ families.

“Sherry read some e-mails to the life enrichment team from different families thanking us for making a beautiful photo of their mother and e-mailing it to them (so they can) cherish it,” he says.

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