Riverview Manor residents served ‘gourmet meal’ of roasted rack of lamb

Nutritional care team prepared the meal at residents’ request

When Riverview Manor residents requested a “gourmet meal” of roasted rack of lamb for dinner, the Peterborough long-term care home’s nutritional care team delivered.

On May 11 residents were served roasted rack of lamb with mint jelly, roasted potatoes with thyme, and cabbage braised in chicken broth, onions, garlic and bacon.

As part of Riverview Manor’s mission to deliver high-quality dining-room service, residents get to choose a meal they would like served for dinner each week.

“The residents’ council requested to have a lamb meal for their choice, so I wanted to cook them up a gourmet meal,” nutritional care services manager Neil MacDonald tells The OMNIway.

The roasted rack of lamb went over well, he says. “It was a great success.”

Neil says serving high-quality meals like this is more than just a dining experience, it “always brings fun and laughter into the kitchen and dining rooms” as well.

He adds: “Staff and residents alike feel the enjoyment and atmosphere of accomplishment from the heart of the house,” Neil says.

The nutritional care team even prepared extra portions because they knew many would want a second helping.

Neil notes when some staff members mistook the mint jelly for lime gelatine, the nutritional care team took time to explain the meal and invited staff members to sample it so they could properly explain the meal to residents.

“We invited staff into the kitchen to sample the lamb, which proved to be beneficial to the staff and our residents,” Neil says.

“(There was) awesome overall meal service, and we had a great time preparing for it.”

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