Residents revved up for car show

Local car club brings vehicles to Maplewood

Car enthusiasts had their motors running and their collectible cars out for a spin recently and drove up to Maplewood in Brighton.

The club decided to host its gathering at the Brighton long-term care home one Monday evening instead of at its usual location in the town’s grocery store parking lot.

Rachel Corkery, administrator and life enrichment co-ordinator, says the event was a delight.

“We are very lucky that the local car club did their car show here,” Rachel says.

“We had music, we had a food truck out front and we a number of people from the car club come, bring their cars and set up for the drive-up. It’s like a social club but around their cars.”

Another neat experience of the night occurred when the family members of a resident pulled up in the resident’s car.

The resident, a car enthusiast, used to be connected to the local race track in Brighton. “His family came to enjoy that, something that was part of their life,” Rachel notes. “It was also great for the residents.”

Rachel says the event attracted almost of all of the home’s residents.

Hear from the car club organizer in an upcoming OMNIway story.

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