Pleasant Meadow residents request homemade pizza for Valentine’s lunch, dietary team delivers

Pleasant Meadow Manor residents requested a Valentine’s Day lunch of homemade pizza, tomato soup and spinach salad, and the Norwood long-term care home’s nutritional care team came through for them.

Pleasant Meadow Manor residents were treated to a special Valentine’s Day lunch featuring the homemade pizzas, tomato soup and spinach salad they requested nutritional care manager Judy Schell and her team serve.

The Norwood long-term care home’s residents made their request during a recent residents’ council meeting when Judy asked them if they wanted a special lunch to be served on Feb. 14 to mark Valentine’s Day.

Judy and her team made regular vegetarian pizzas as well as pureed pizzas for residents who are on texture-modified diets.

The texture-modified pizzas featured pureed bread for the crust topped with pizza sauce, pureed vegetables and cheese.

Spouses who were visiting their loved ones were also offered a homemade pizza, Judy says, adding the food was a big hit with residents.

In fact, some couldn’t get enough, she says.

“A lot of them had seconds,” Judy tells The OMNIway. “They really enjoyed it.”

Team members decorated the dining room with a Valentine’s Day theme for the event, and residents received lots of Valentine’s cards courtesy of students from nearby St. Paul Catholic Elementary School and the Norwood Lioness Club.

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