Resident’s kind words have big impact on West Lake Terrace staff: LEC

Neal Harvey, an entertainer and former resident of West Lake Terrace, recently moved into his own place after receiving the care he needed at the Prince Edward County long-term care home.

‘As always, (they) went above and beyond,’ says Neal Harvey

A resident’s recent kudos about staff proved to be just what the doctor ordered for a morale boost at West Lake Terrace.

The kind words shared by departing resident Neal Harvey helped remind employees that their work is important and makes a difference in people’s lives, Janie Denard, West Lake Terrace life enrichment co-ordinator (LEC), tells The OMNIway.

Like other long-term care homes, West Lake Terrace in Prince Edward County is working short-staffed. There’s an Ontario-wide shortage of personal support workers, according to the Ontario Health Coalition.

Neal communicated his thoughts about West Lake Terrace staff during an impromptu speech he gave after receiving a surprise from staff members. The home gave Neal various housewarming gifts for his new apartment as the resident prepared to return to living on his own again.

Neal also made additional comments publicly on his Facebook page.

“West Lake Terrace staff are the best,” Neal writes.

“As always, (they) went above and beyond with their gifts and best wishes for me in my new place. I love them all… they are family.”

Neal imparted similar sentiments about the employees during an interview with The OMNIway before his Feb. 1 move to Bowmanville.

The LEC says the speech had an important impact on the home.

“It was not only good for Neal but a benefit to all of us too, reminding us of the good things we accomplish every day at work,” Janie says.

Neal, a musician, resided at West Lake Terrace for two years. He provided the entertainment for the home’s monthly birthday parties.

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